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Avon Living Spring 2016 – Pt 1 Spring Forward

Avon Living: Spring 2016 – Your home is the place to be.

Have a case of Spring Fever? We hear you! Finally, it’s time to throw open the windows and let nature back in. In this second edition of Avon Living, discover a specially curated crop of exciting products to usher in the season.

Browse through a range of vibrant accessories to give all your spaces an easy-breezy update. Entertain with ease (hint: make brunch!) with our new ideas and insider advice. You’ll also love our special family gardening section that shows you how to “get growing” with a clever selection of tools and chic yard decor.

We love seeing your beautiful Avon Living moments on social media with #AvonLiving, so please keep them coming! Now sit back and dig into all the inspiration as you shop all of Avon Living Spring 2016.

Avon Living Spring 2016 Decor

Spring Forward – Put a fresh spin on your decor by mixing in a few Stylish Picks!

Avon Living Spring 2016 Home Decor

  • A – Watercolor Fleurs And Bird Pillow Covers Set Of 2 – It’s amazing what new nature-themed pillow covers can do to brighten up a room for the season. This is a set of two pillow covers that feature a solid color on one side and a spring/bird scene on the other.
  • B –  Vintage-Inspired Mirror Tray  Get Vintage! A vintage-inspired tray perfect for accenting tables and holding knick knacks. Always have a place for vases, small personal items, or for simple decor for spring!
  • C – 10″ Seeded Glass Hurricane  Spring forward! Put a fresh spin on your decor by mixing in a few stylish picks like this hurricane glass vase. Lighten up the room like flowers and LED candles for a real “pop” of spring!
  • D –  Cozy Cable Knit Throw – Yes, it is as cozy as it looks. Add this white throw over a chair or couch to brighten up the room. Perfect for cuddling up and staying cozy and comfy during all those spring showers.
  • E – Collapsible Canvas Magazine Holder – Get organized with the Collapsible Magazine Holder. Store more than just magazines; place mail, books, and more items that are lying around the room. Stay organized in style!

Avon Living Spring 2016 Decor

  • A – Wall Clock with Hooks – A staple wall decor item that serves as a clock and as a hanger for small, lightweight items. Hang in the entrance of the house to hang coats and accessories or hang in bathroom for towels.
  • B – Ceramic Bird Bookends Set Of 2 – Add some spring decor to your bookshelf. Includes a set of 2 ceramic bird bookends to put on either end to keep all your books neatly organized, neat, and chic.
  • C – Chevron Burlap Baskets Set Of 2 Put things into perfect order with these lively and multifunctional pieces. Includes a set of 2 burlap baskets to spring up a room.

Avon Living Spring 2016 Decor

  • D – Vertical Wall Shelf Get the hang of it.  Give favorite knick-knacks multilevel gallery appeal.
  • E – Embossed Ceramic Photo Frames Set Of 2 Picture this. Display one frame portrait-style and one frame horizontally. Showcase your photos with these set of two adorable photo frames.
  • F – Embossed LED Candles Set Of 2 – Get Glowing.  These LED candles are safe and romantic. Features a set of two battery operated LED candles. Cluster the candles together or scatter them throughout the room to add warmth and texture.

Avon Spring Forward 2016

  • A – Bamboo Over The Bathtub Caddy – Carve out a relaxing retreat with the best new bath accessory. Perfect for small neccessities for that relaxing, much-needed bath time.
  • B – Terry Bathtub Comfort Pillow – Carve out a relaxing retreat with the best new bath accessory. Use this comfortable head pillow for taking those long, relaxing baths. Features a quick dry feature and suction cups on back to prevent falling.
  • C – Be Happy Door Hanger – Do more of what makes you happy. Shouldn’t we all abiding by this quote? Hang on door handles, knobs, or anything study.
  • D –  Fresh Lemon Candle – Smells like Spring! Fill your home with this spring-infused candle with notes of warm vanilla and juicy lemon. Fill your home with fresh lemons and zest.
  • E – Dewy Lilac Candle – Smells like Spring! Fill your home with this spring-infused candle with notes of dewy and fresh lilacs.
  • F – Crisp Cotton Candle – Smells like Spring! Fill your home with this spring-infused candle with notes of melon, tender violet petals, sheer cedarwood, and musk.
  • G – Decorative Candle Sleeve – Turn one of our candles into a chic, decor statement. This cutout metal sleeve can be used with any of Avon’s 11 oz. scented candles. Add some flare to your scented candles throughout the house.
  • H – Serafina Collection Ceramic Knobs Set Of 4 – Dress up a plain vanity with ceramic knobs. The blue and white toned knobs can add some beautiful pops of color to any vanity, dresser, or any drawer with replaceable knobs.


  • A – Chalkboard Corkboard Message Board – Stay organized! Use this savvy organizer for everyday, multi-purposes uses, such as reminders, hanging coats and accesories, and even pinning invitations or event cards to the corkboard.
  • B –  Lost Socks Laundry Hanger  – Lost socks? Hang them here to remember to find it’s other match. You will want this handy and convenient tool in the laundry room, trust us!
  • C – Personalizable Printed Laundry Bags Set Of 3 – Sorting laundry has never been easier! Set includes 3 patterned laundry bags that can be labeled for easy organization. These decorative laundry bags have locking drawstring closures and loop handles for easy handling.
  • D – Stackable Rolling Bins With Pattern – Make these rolling bins be your next purchase to make the laundry room more organized. Use for all the dirty towels on the bathroom or laundry floor or use as a small laundry basket, only with wheels for more convenience.
  • E –  Laundry Instructions Mat – Your wash symbol glossary! Shows a glossary of laundry and fabric-care symbols for easy reference. Never forget your laundering instructions again. Spongy rubber mat made with ‘Memory Foam’ also doubles as a stress reducer while you stand and fold.


  • Decorative Shower Curtain And Bath Mat Set – You don’t need to go all out to give the bath a spring makeover, just add a splash of color! Each set includes a curtain, 12 hooks, and a plush memory foam mat. A quick and esay update for the bathroom!
  • Ceramic Bird Design Lanterns Set Of 2 – Our unique lantern duo sets a magical mood in any room (and even outdoors with LED candles). Illuminate the laterns in any room for an enchanting glow. Can also be used to hold small plants in the yard.
  • Easy Mend Sewing Kit – Ask anyone in the Avon Living family what she cannot leave home without: It’s our ultimate sewing kit. Packaged in a chic printed case, this is the gift to give and to get. With 26 pieces to help any quick-stich emergency, this kit will save the day when your hem falls out or a button pops off. Problem solved, oh so stylishly.

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