Fall Nail Colors

Fall is my favorite time of the year. Sweaters. Boots. Jackets. Lattes. Beautiful leaves. Everything seems all warm and cozy. Let’s warm up our nail colors with these great Fall Nail Colors.

Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel Fall Nail Colors

The two fall nail colors I like from our Speed Dry+ Nail Enamel are Red Wine and Presto Plum.

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Red Wine

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Red Wine

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Presto Plum

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Presto Plum

Dries in less than 30 seconds! This fast-drying formula contains Avon’s Flash Dry Technology, a unique blend of quick-drying ingredients, and Volcanic Rock. The customized flat brush allows the formula to glide on smoothly and evenly without streaking. Your nails will be polished in no time at all.

Regular Price $6.00 Sale $3.49

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Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel Fall Nail Colors

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Licorice

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Licorice

The Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel Fall colors are Midnight Plum, Vintage Boutique, Licorice, Romance, Cosmic Blue, and Noir Emerald. 

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Midnight Plum

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Midnight Plum

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Vintage Boutique

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Vintage Boutique

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Licorice

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Licorice

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Romance

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Romance

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Cosmic Blue

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Cosmic Blue

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Noir Emerald

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Noir Emerald






Find your perfect nail color! Choose from over 20 colors and 4 finishes including

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Romance

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Romance

Shimmer, Sequins, Crème and Sheer. Nailwear Pro+ is the long lasting nail enamel giving you 12 Days of Color! Comes in a .4 fl. oz. bottle. Give yourself the perfect at home mani with this salon-style nail polish. Choose from Midnight Plum, Sea Breeze, Golden Vision and even more Nail colors!

Regular Price $6.00 Sale $3.49

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Midnight Plum

Start rocking textured tips with our Nailwear Pro+ Nail Enamel in Midnight Plum topped with Metallic Fringe Top Coat in Fringed and Frayed!

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Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel Fall Nail Colors

The Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel Fall Nail Colors are Very Berry, Barely There, Mudslide, Sterling, and
Inked Up.

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Very Berry

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Very Berry

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Barely There

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Barely There

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Mudslide

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Mudslide

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Sterling

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Sterling

Avon Fall Nail Colors - Inked Up

Avon Fall Nail Colors – Inked Up






New fall shades! 7 benefits in one little bottle! Get the best at home gel nails with Avon Gel Finish 7-in-1 Nail Enamel. This high-shine mani not only looks great but is healthy for your nails. Forget destroying your nails will salon gel-manicures. Comes in a .4 fl. oz. bottle. Avon Gel Finish protects and strengthens your nails, while making them look great with vivid color choices. This gel-like mani dries super shiny and doesn’t even need a top coat!

Regular price $7.00.

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Avon Campaign 22 2016 Brochures – What You Need To Know

Avon Campaign 22 Brochure Online

You can shop Avon Campaign 22 online through my eStore until 10/07/16. Click here to shop.

New Products in Avon Campaign 22

Polka-Dot Tie-Neck Blouse


Avon Polka Dot Top

Mix it up! The Polka-Dot Tie-Neck Blouse is sophisticated, tone-on-tone polka-dot design. Tie it in a bow or leave it loose for a different look!


• Covered buttons along center front and at wrist

• Long sleeve

• V-neck

• Longer shirttail hem gives a finished look whether worn out or tucked in

• Sash along neck can be worn tied in a bow or left loose like a scarf

• Runs slightly on sheer side, so cami or shirt underneath would be ideal

• Tie around neck is permanently affixed

• Runs true-to-size

Size 6-18 $19.99

Size 1x-3x $24.99

Mark Blanket Scarf

Mark Blanket Check Scarf

Need your perfect pair? A majorly checked blanket scarf is your answer! This checkered scarf with small fringe along the sides is sure to add spice to your outfits! 

Shop now $26

Shop the mark Magalog 11 here.

Avon Planet Spa – Pampering Chocolate

Relax and unwind with the indulgent aroma of this rich, creamy chocolate-scented Body Wash that leaves your senses delightfully pampered and your skin velvety smooth.

Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate Body Wash – $9.oo SALE $6.99
Avon Campaign 22 Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate

Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate Body Whip – $12.00 SALE $8.99

Planet Spa Pampering Chocolate Face Mask – $10.00 Sale $6.99

Musk + Storm Eau de Toilette $18.00 Sale $9.99

Strong, masculine, powerful…this intoxicating blend of fierce sage clary absolute, bold ginger and seductive sandalwood will take you by storm. 2.5 fl. oz.

Top: Sage
Middle: Ginger
Dry: Seductive Sandalwood

MEGA Metals

Mega Metals Eye Liner $7.00 Sale $3.99

Mega-impact and opulent! Shimmery metallics are this season’s most wearable trend. Embrace the trend with the Mega Metals Eye Liner.

Mega Metals Cream Eyeshadow $7.00 Sale $3.99

The Mega Metals Cream Eyeshadow features unique cream-gel textured metallic eyeshadow with long lasting color saturation that does not fade.

Nailwear Pro+ Mega Metals Nail Enamel $6.00 Sale $3.49

Mega Metals! Mega-impact and opulent, shimmery metallics are this season’s most wearable trend. Perfect for your upcoming holiday and New Year’s parties!

• High shine finish
• Resists dings, bangs, and nicks
• Increases nail strength by 80%
• 12 days of lasting color
• Made in the USA

Shop these items and more in the new Avon Campaign 22 Brochures.

eBrochures - Campaign 4

Browse the latest brochure, click on your favorite products and order easily online!

              AVON Signature Collection Introducing Love mark. AVON - This Is Boss Life AVON The Paint the Town Red Sweekpstakes AVON LivingClick here to use the skin advisor tool. Click here for our new makeup brush guide. Click here to find your flutter.

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Avon Giveaway Mark All Bundled Up Collection

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Avon Skin Advisor: Take our quiz now.

Avon Skin Advisor

Do you find the task of selecting the perfect skin care regimen overwhelming..”What is my skin type?” “Why do I look older than my friends?” “How many different products will I have to try before I find the perfect product for me?” Sound familiar? Take the Avon Skin Advisor Quiz to find out your 4 step regimen.

You can take our quick and easy quiz to find an easy & perfect for you skin care regimen which will give you your best results for your skin care concerns.

Women in their 20s show few signs of aging. Their skin is smooth, has even tone, and has very few lines, if any.

A woman in her 30s generally starts to see the early signs of aging. She starts to notice fine lines. Her skin tone may be slightly uneven, and she may even have some rough patches on her skin. And her eyes? She may feel her eyes are tired and puffy looking.

Now she’s into her 40s where moderate signs of aging start to appear. Most women in their 40s start to see some wrinkles. She likely has more pronounced uneven skin tone and some discoloration. Her skin texture starts to change, and her eyes are really starting to show signs of aging.

In her 50s, moderate signs of aging have become more advanced signs of aging.

And women in their 60s and higher have the most advanced signs of aging.

6 Common Factors Which Can Accelerate Skin Aging

Here are six common factors which can accelerate the skin’s natural aging process. Select each of them to learn more.

Smoking deprives skin of nutrients and oxygen, leaving it looking dull and lifeless. Smoking also causes harmful free radicals, which weaken collagen and elasticity, accelerating the aging process.

Stress and Lack of Sleep
Stress and lack of sleep can lead to dryness, sensitivity, acne, excess oil, or lackluster skin. Getting enough restorative sleep is vital to give your skin time to repair and rejuvenate.

Pollutants in the air coat skin with grime that can block pores. Free radicals can break down the skin’s structure, leading to wrinkles, roughness, dehydration, and loss of elasticity.

Facial Expressions
The 15,000 facial expressions you make every day can damage your skin. Frowning, smiling, squinting – the consistent movement of facial muscles – cause skin fibers to slacken. Over time, these creases become wrinkles.

Everyday Diet
Fast food, sugar, and empty calories can wreck both your waistline and your skin. The more nutrient dense your diet is, the healthier your skin will be. Eat foods rich in essential fatty acids, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Sleep Positions
Even the way you sleep can increase the appearance of wrinkles. Side sleeping can cause lines on your chin and cheeks. Sleeping face down can create lines on your forehead. Sleeping on your back is the best way to prevent lines.

Skin Types and Skin Concerns

What’s the difference between a skin type and a skin concern? It’s easy: Remember the two “Ts” and the two “Cs.”

Skin type is how your skin naturally acts. Is your skin normal, oily, dry, or combination? Do you know your skin type?

Knowing your skin type helps you find the best product texture for your skin, such as gels, lotions, or creams.

Skin concerns are the signs of aging or imperfections we see in the mirror and that we can correct or prevent—things that may be the result of less-than-optimal skin care. Your skin concerns help you find the best corrective treatment. But you’ll learn more about that in the next topic.

Your skin type – whether normal, dry, oily, or combination – is a great indicator of what types of products will feel best on your skin. Let’s review some characteristics of each skin type and the texture that feels best.

Dry Skin
Dry skin feels tight or uncomfortable, and looks rough and dull. Dry skin types tend to like creams because of the richer, more emollient texture.

Oily Skin
Oily skin feels slippery and looks shiny.

Combination Skin
Combination skin is oily in areas, most often the nose, chin, and forehead – the T-zone – and dry on the cheeks.

Oily and Combination Skin Types
These skin types often like the lighter, fast-absorbing feel of lotions.

Normal Skin
Often, people with normal skin will use a cream during the cold winter months, and will switch to a lotion when it’s warmer.

The Tissue Test

Wash your face and pat it dry.
Let 15 minutes pass.
After 15 minutes, take a normal white tissue and tear it into four pieces.
Press one piece of tissue on your forehead, one on the side of your nose, one on your cheek, and one on your chin.
What the tissue tells you is your skin type.

Skin Advisor Dry Skin





normalskin oilyskin

































Skin Concerns

Our incredible Avon Skin Care Institute has worked with thousands of women over the years, and has identified six common skin concerns.

  • Dull and uneven skin tone
  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Loss of firmness and deep wrinkles
  • Sensitivity
  • Dehydration
  • Rough texture and visible pores

Skin Advisor Skin Concerns

Why Use a Skin Care Regimen?

There are some things you do every day, and don’t even think twice about. When you wake up, do you brush your teeth, do your hair, and get dressed?

Brushing gives you healthy teeth; styling your hair makes you feel confident; and you get dressed before you start your day.

Regimens get results!

Your skin has different needs that can only be addressed by different steps with different products.

The good news?
Your regimen can be short, simple, and effective.

Four Simple Steps

Skin Advisor 4 Simple StepsJust four simple steps:

  • Step 1: Cleanse
  • Step 2: Treat
  • Step 3: Moisturize
  • Step 4: Eye Care





Step 1: Cleanse

The first step is to properly cleanse the skin. Your skin accumulates dirt and bacteria during the day – believe it or not, much of which comes from your hands, along with oil and old skin cells. Cleansing gently removes unwanted elements and prepares your skin for the next step… Treat.

You should cleanse both morning and night.

Using lukewarm water, gently lather your cleanser, apply to your face, rinse clean, and pat – don’t rub! – your skin dry.

Avoid touching your face after washing. It’s also best to avoid touching your skin throughout the day. Touching your face transfers germs, bacteria, and dirt.

For Step 1, Cleanse, Anew has a terrific variety of cleansers to choose from: everything from foaming cleansers to rich, tissue-off creams based on skin needs.

Step 2: Treat

Next, you use targeted treatments – often called serums, which are concentrated products that address a particular skin concern, such as fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin tone, or rough texture.

Timing – Treat both morning and night for best results, but always make sure you follow the directions for each serum.

Application – After cleansing, apply a small amount of treatment serum to your fingertips. Pat onto your clean, dry skin.

Recommendation – Avon has Anew Clinical products to target and help correct the visible signs of almost all skin concerns.

Step 3: Moisturize

Step three is to moisturize. Moisturizers are multitaskers. They maintain or replenish precious moisture while delivering anti-aging benefits. Day moisturizers also offer one of your best anti-aging strategies: sunscreen (or SPF).

You should moisturize both morning and night, using a day and night moisturizer.

After your treatment serum, apply a nickel-sized dollop of cream or lotion to your fingertips. Gently rub your hands together to warm the product, and press onto the cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin.

Your neck needs attention, too!

Anew also has a variety of moisturizers to meet your  needs.

Step 4: Eye Care

During the final step of the regimen, you finish with care of the skin around your eyes. Eye products help address specific needs like darkness and crow’s feet.

Timing – You should care for the skin around your eyes both morning and night.

Application – After your moisturizer, use your fourth finger, or ring finger, to gently apply a small amount of eye cream to the area below your eye and at the outer corners. It’s important to use your fourth finger! It’s your weakest finger and won’t pull on the delicate skin around the eye. The skin around the eye is the thinnest on the body. Apply eye cream using your fourth finger with a patting motion. Don’t rub the product in.

Recommendation – Anew also has a variety of skin care products for the eyesto meet your needs.

Dark Circles – Did you know that the top eye care concern amongst women in the US is dark circles?

Avon Skin Advisor Take The Quiz Now:

Avon Skin Advisor Take the Quiz

Now that you know more about the different skin types, concerns, and the easy 4 step regimen, it is time to take the quiz to see which products you need.

Start your quiz now: https://www.avon.com/skinadvisor?rep=stylewithtaren


Avon Skin Advisor Auto-Replenish

Now that you have your quiz results you can sign up for Avon Auto-Replenishment to help you save money and ensure that you never run out of your favorite Avon Anew Skin Care products.

You can enroll to receive your products every 4, 6, 8, or 12 weeks from my eStore.
Sign up today!: https://www.avon.com/category/skin-care/avon-auto-replenish?rep=stylewithtaren

Do you still have questions about your skin care regimen? Would you like free skincare samples? Please reach out to me by filling out this form.


5 Ways To Take Your Makeup from Summer to Fall

Avon Summer to Fall Makeup Swaps

The re-emergence of pumpkin spiced lattes should signal a transformation within your beauty arsenal. Show your skin some TLC with rich moisturizers and a cool, crisp fall makeup palette.

Summer to Fall MAKEUP SWAPS

BOLD LIPSFall To Summer Makeup Bold Lips

Say goodbye to the corals and peaches for now because it’s time to go for a fall lipstick. Your pout will thank you for the introduction to plum, violet, and orchid.

Shop Lips

Check out Beyond Color Lip Conditioner in Berry Cute – Regularly $8.00









SMOKY EYESAvon Summer to Fall Makeup Smoky Eyeas

From a single sweep of eyeshadow to a smoky eye masterpiece, it’s easy to dress your greys for every occasion.

Shop Eyes

Check out Avon True Color Eyeshadow Quad in Urban Skyline – Regularly $8.00









Here’s a great video tutorial on how to get that Smoky Eye Look.


Avon Summer to Fall Makeup Minty Fresh NailsDitch the pastels for fresh mixed green nail polishes like emerald, absinthe, and turquoise.

Shop Nails

Check out Avon Nailware Pro+ Nail Enamel in Noir Emerald – Regularly $6.00









LUMINOUS LOOK Avon Summer to Fall Makeup Switch Luminous Look

Give your skin a hydrated look with a
liquid foundation and add a pop of color
for a silky finish.

Shop Face

Check out Avon Ideal Flawless Invisible Coverage Liquid Foundation in Light Ivory – Regularly $12.00










Avon Summer to Fall Makeup Nourished SkinColder weather means dryer, cracked skin. Replace the lighter lotions with thick body butters and rich hydrating creams.

Shop Bath & Body
Check out Avon Planet Spa Blissfully Nourishing Trio – Regularly $20


The Fall makeup starter pack…yours FREE! [Hurry: EXPIRES MIDNIGHT ET, 09/21/16]

 gift per order.


Shop now: https://www.avon.com/?rep=stylewithtaren

Avon reserves the right to substitute any free item offered with an item of equal or greater value. Limit one per order.Free shipping offer valid for mail delivery order only. Offer does not apply to express shipping methods and is valid only for shipping addresses in the contiguous United States. Alaska and Hawaii addresses are subject to additional surcharges. Please note, Avon does not ship Internationally or to the Islands.

Free gift offer valid for mail delivery orders only, while supplies last. To redeem, enter coupon code: MAUVE, expires midnight, 09/21/2016. Order must meet specified offer criteria to qualify. No adjustments to prior purchases. Free gift item is non-refundable. Limit one coupon code per order, per customer.

Free 14-Piece Beauty Sampler


Free 14-Piece Beauty Sampler
with $50 order



Moisture Effective
Eye Makeup Remover

Outspoken Party! by Fergie
Eau De Parfum Sample Card

Anew Power Serum
Premium Size Sample

Perfectly Matte Lipstick
Travel Pack

Striped Cosmetic Bag

HURRY – Expires Midnight, 9/30/16 ET. Mail Delivery Only. While supplies last. Avon reserves the right to substitute any free item offered with an item or equal or greater value.

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Sell Avon: How To Become an Avon Representative

Sell Avon Kickstart Header

Do you want to Sell Avon?

Now is the time to Sell Avon! Selling Avon is a great opportunity for women and men to build your own business for only a small investment! Avon has been around for 130 years and offers name recognition that no other direct sales company has. Almost everyone you know has a fond memory of Avon. Sign up today. Side gig or all in, love the cash and freedom you’ll earn!

Sell Avon | Give Your Life An Avon Makeover


Tired of sitting in a cubicle from 9 to 5? Trade it all in for a career that literally makes you feel alive. When you become an Avon Representative, you don’t work for Avon, you work with Avon to bring award-winning products to all of your customers.

Your business is your business, and we’re simply here to help you along the way. We’ll supply you with all the valuable tools you need, including best-in-class sales techniques, unparalleled support and award-winning products
favored by leading beauty experts. Now, that’s a beautiful thing!

Above all, this is Avon — and you can be confident that everything we do is backed by science and state-of-the-art research.

Sure, it’s work. But it’s a business that works with you: online, on your phone, face-to-face, part-time, full-time. With Avon, it’s your call.

And your office is… wherever you happen to be.

I love having a fl exible schedule!
With Avon, I can take my business
anywhere – and earn rewards and
recognition for my hard work.
— Tara Grna, Tulsa, OK

Sell Avon My Life My Way


As you start to think about how you’re going to run your business, check out all the tools and support we provide to help you succeed.

Training and Support

– Avon University online training
– National conferences, regional events and weekly webinars
– Your very own mentor — just for you (That’s me!)
– Your Avon mobile app for business on the go
– Tips and tricks from celebrity makeup artists

Products Sell Avon Great Products

– Award-winning
– Backed by beauty experts
– Dermatologist recommended
– Exclusive blends of premium ingredients and formulas
– For those who need it, oil-free, fragrance-free and hypoallergenic


– Be your own boss
– Work when and where you want
– Become an Avon Representative and be viewed as an expert in your field

I started Avon
to earn a little extra money
while I was going to school and living
with my mom. Now I’m making enough
to rent a house on my own and pay all
my bills each month!
— Kyla Whitehead, Harlan, KY

Sell Avon Friends


How can Avon change your life? It’s easy, you decide. Work by yourself or build a team. Stick your toe in or dive in. Part-time, full-time, it’s all up to you.

With our Kickstart program, we’ll teach you how to earn $1,000 or more in your fi rst 90 days. You can earn up to 40% on everything you sell, face to face or online.

Sell Avon Kickstarter Info

Getting started is easy. Choose from three starter kits. Pick one and you’re on your way to saying, “Hello, financial independence!”

Sell Avon Quick Starter KitQUICK STARTER KIT
Get to know Avon with four sample products designed for you to try out and share with friends. You can be on your way, for less than a couple of fancy coffees!
$25 (valued at $80+)



ADVANCED STARTER KITSell Avon Advanced Starter Kit
Along with an array of samples, you’ll get award-winning products to try out and share with friends and customers. More products mean more buyers eager to try Avon’s great products.
$50 (valued at $190+)




Sell Avon Premium Starter Kit
It’s the whole shebang! You’ll have lots of sample products and new favorites to try. More products mean more ways to engage your customers, and that means more selling! Carry it all with a stylish professional tote bag that says, “I’m an Avon entrepreneur!”
$100 (valued at $400+)


At Avon, your drive
is what makes you successful. I’ve got
my sights set on Gold Leader – and
the next incentive trip!
— Sandra Landowski, Cypress, CA


Sell Avon for Avon Foundation

Avon will never stop fighting until there is a cure for breast cancer. In fact, Avon and the Avon Foundation have contributed $1 billion to causes
for women.
When you work with Avon, you’re not just selling great products, you’re giving back, too.

What’s Your Why?

We all have a WHY to start something great. Women joining Avon each have a unique reason for becoming an Avon Representative. We’re honored to share some of their stories.


THIS IS THE COMPANY that puts mascara on lashes and food on the tables. That fights wrinkles with one hand and Breast Cancer with the other. That knows the value of a perfect lip, but still opens its mouth and speaks out against Domestic Violence and for women’s financial independence. This is the company that not only brings beauty to doors, but also opens them. The company that supports more than 6 million Representatives in over 100 countries. This is Avon. The company that for more than 130 years has stood for beauty, innovation, optimism and above all for women.

How it works:

Sign Up – Choose from 3 kits, starting at just $25, which give you all the essentials you need to get you up and running.

Share – Hand out Avon brochures to family and friends and put your free Avon eStore to work so your customers can shop with you 24/7.

Earn – Work where you want, when you want and earn 40% on all sales and more than $1000 in the first 90 days with KickStart!


How do I get started?

It takes just 5 minutes to sign up! Fill out a registration form and choose your tools to set up your online business immediately. Sign up here.

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll be directed to the New Representative Center – your go-to resource for immediate info and support. Your welcome kit will be mailed to you. You’ll also be contacted by me to welcome you, answer every question, and guide you as you start up your business. Join my team today!

Can I earn back my start-up fees within 30 days?

Most Avon Representatives do! Simply by launching their business to family and friends, start-up costs are covered – plus earnings. The tools and programs available to a new representative help get you off to a great start. Sell Avon today!

How much can I make selling Avon?

Your earnings match your efforts and your passion. You have the opportunity to grow your earnings as you grow your sales. Build on your success by inviting people into the Avon business and earn on recruiting efforts and team sales. Your success is unlimited! Start earning now!

How do I place orders and get paid?

When selling face-to-face, simply collect payment with your customer’s order, then place the order via your New Representative portal online. Products will be sent directly to you to deliver them to your customers. For your customers ordering online, through direct delivery, you’ll receive payment and earnings through direct deposit – that’s it! Start your eStore now!

How can I be successful?

Building relationships is at the heart of our business. Whether it be face-to-face, or online, selling Avon gives you the opportunity to build on the relationships you already have – and help you create new ones. Add to that a love of beauty, a passion for success, and all the amazing support you receive when you become a Representative, and you’re on your way for unlimited rewards and success.  Start your successful journey now!

Can I be successful selling online only?

Yes! Avon is fully integrated in social media so there are tons of opportunities to promote your business through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and more. Plus, Avon has its own mobile APP so you can connect with and grow your client base from your smart phone to make money any time, anywhere! Start earning online now!

What is direct selling?

It’s about direct contact with your customers, being your own boss, and having your own business. You can work independently, or with a team. You can work from home and create the work/life balance that’s just right for you and your family. However you choose to sell you’ll be part of a warm, welcoming community of people and beauty lovers just like you. Join the community today!


Still Curious? Have Questions? Connect with me today to learn more.»

Avon Campaign 21 Brochures – What You Need To Know


Avon Brochure 21 Online

Avon Campaign 21 Brochure  Online

You can shop Avon Campaign 21 Brochures Online through my eStore until 9/24/16. Click here to shop.

New Products in Avon Campaign 21 Brochures

So Very Sofia by Sofia Vergara Eau de Parfum Spray

Meet the new edition to our Avon fragrance family! Sofia Vergara’s vivacious new fragrance is sold exclusively through Avon.


A passionate new scent as vivacious as Sofía herself. With the essence of the unexpected, So Very Sofia is a playful blend of tropical passion fruit, exotic Flor de Mayo Orchid and bright golden patchouli.

Top Note: Maracuja Passion, Sparkling Bergamot, Juicy Apricot
Mid Note: Flor de Mayo Orchid, Rich Orris, Spirited Orange Blossom
Dry Note: Golden Patchouli, Creamy Vanilla, Textured Vetiver

Only $36 Shop Now

Fall Into Color Watch

Avon Fall Into Color Watch

The colors of the moment. Leatherlike strap with a floral-perforation pattern.

Available in Peacock Teal, Camel, Marsala Wine, and Black.

Will be $19.99 – Special $9.99 each. Shop Now.

Sentimental Strap Watch

Avon Sentimental Strap Watch

Case holds loose rhinestones and has a meaningful word on the dial.

Hope – White

Faith – Blue

Mom – Wine

Family – Taupe

Will be $19.99 – Special $14.99 each. Shop Now.

Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner

Avon True Color Glimmersticks Eye Liner

New Look! New Shades! Now With True Color Technology – Pure color pigments for lasting results. The rich color you see is the same color you get on your eyes.

Make your eyes pop with more intensified shades with Avon True Color Glimmersticks Diamonds Eye Liner! New colors include: Blackened Green, Majestic Plum, and Teal Sparkle.

Regularly $7.00 now on sale for $4.99 each. Shop Now.

Avon True Color Wide Awake Mascara

Avon Wakeup Mascara

Introducing Wide Awake Mascara! Instant Eye-Opening Mascara that instantly lifts lashes for an eye-opening, wide-awake look and locks in curl for hours. Get a wide-eyed look in seconds!

The brush: Exclusive hourglass wire-tapered brush lifts and curls lashes, no lash curler needed!

The formula: Lift & lock technology instantly lifts lashes for an eye-opening, wide-awake look and locks in curls for hours!

• Makes eye look bigger
• Comfortable and lightweight
• Doesn’t weigh lashes down
• Flake, clump, and smudge proof
• Exclusive hour-glass wire-tapered brush
• Detangles, separates and provides volume
• Designed with Smart Slip Technology, our mascara sticks to lashes, not to itself
• Available in black, black brown, and brown
• Ophthalmologist tested
• Hypoallergenic

Regular Price $8.00 – On sale for $5.99. Shop Now.

Avon True Color Multi-Benefit BB Nail Enamel

 Rollover to zoom Avon True Color Multi-Benefit BB Nail Enamel Avon True Color Multi-Benefit BB Nail Enamel Avon True Color Multi-Benefit BB Nail Enamel

NEW! Strengthens, protects and perfects color in 1 easy stroke! No need for a primer or base coat, this nail enamel does it all while leaving your nail with a luxurious shine with just one coat!

• Increases nail strength by 72%
• Primes nail by filling in imperfections and ridges
• Perfects and conditions nails for a smooth finish
• UV filter prevents discoloration and yellowing
• Formula is infused with Vitamins C and E
• Does not contain formaldehyde, toluene, or DBP (dibutyl phthalate)
• Available in 3 sweet colors: Restoring Beige, Lilac Love, and Perfect Pink.

Only $6.00 – Shop Now.

Infinite Stars Collection

Infinite Stars Collection

Introducing Infinite Stars Collection: Inspired by the exotic designs of artisans in India, Morocco and the Far East, these unique pieces are sure to get you noticed.

Infinite Stars Statement Necklace – Reg. $19.99 Sale $12.99

Infinite Stars Pendant Necklace and Earring Gift Set – Reg. $19.99 Sale $9.99

Infinite Stars Earrings – Reg. $14.99 Sale $7.99

Infinite Stars Ring – Reg. $19.99 Sale $9.99

Infinite Stars Stretch Bracelet – Reg. $19.99 Sale $9.99

 Elegant Shimmer Cuff Watch – Reg. $29.99 Sale $19.99

Artisan Lighthouse Collection

Artisan Lighthouse Collection

Introducing Artisan Lighthouse Collection: Intricate and ornate, these brilliant designs introduce a hand-crafted, artisanal element to your look.

Artisan Lighthouse Statement Necklace – Only $19.99

Artisan Lighthouse Chandelier Earrings – Reg Price. $14.99 Sale $7.99

Artisan Lighthouse Necklace and Drop Earring Gift Set – Reg Price $19.99 Sale $9.99

Gold Coast Collection

Avon Gold Coast Collection

Avon Gold Coast Collection: Upgrade your style in a flash with the upscale look of gold and tortoiseshell. Bring luxe to your look! Dress up your outfit with the Avon Gold Coast Collection.

Avon Gold Coast Long Necklace – Only $14.99

Avon Gold Coast Band Ring – Reg Price $14.99 Sale $7.99

Avon Gold Coast Hoop Earrings – Reg Price $14.99 Sale $7.99

Avon Gold Coast Link Flex Bracelet – Reg Price $19.99 Sale $9.99

Set The Tone Watch – Reg Price $29.99 Sale $19.99

Easy Essentials Collection

Avon Easy Essentials Collection

Break the “rules” and get more experimental when it comes to how you wear your jewelry– by mixing or matching silvertone and goldtone pieces. With the warmth of gold and the coolness of silver playing off each other, mixing metals can be aesthetically pleasing.

The Easy Essentials collection has the everyday pieces that you can seamlessly pair with patterns, prints and even other jewelry items. Layering necklaces and bracelets will upgrade your outfit. You can have a ring party and stack pieces for maximum effect.

Experimenting with different color palettes, styles, lengths and textures will be interesting and stylish. You can incorporate these value pieces into your collection at a GREAT PRICE.

Easy Essentials Eternal Pendant Necklace And Earring Gift Set – Intro Special $9.99 will be $19.99

Easy Essentials Metal Links Necklace – Intro Special $12.99 will be $19.99

Easy Essentials Etched Hoop Earrings – Intro Special $4.99 will be $14.99

Easy Essentials 3-Pair Earring Set – Intro Special $7.99 will be $14.99

Easy Essentials Mini Hoop Earrings – Intro Special $4.99 will be $14.99

Easy Essentials Metal Links Earrings – Intro Special $7.99 will be $14.99

Easy Essentials Collection

Easy Essentials Mesh Bracelet Set – Intro Special $7.99 will be $14.99

Easy Essentials Link Flex Bracelet – Intro Special $7.99 will be $14.99

Everyday Hammered Bracelet Set – Intro Special $9.99 will be $19.99

Avon Athena Goddess Bracelet – Intro Special $9.99 will be $19.99

Easy Essentials Ring – Intro Special $4.99 will be $14.99

Easy Essentials 3-Row Ring – Intro Special $4.99 will be $14.99

Radiant Beauty Teardrop Necklace and Earring Gift Set

Radiant Beauty Teardrop Necklace and Earring Gift Set

Bold, soft or classic black, radiant beauty no matter your style! The Radiant Beauty Teardrop Necklace and Earring Gift Set is a modern interpretation of a classic teardrop. A dazzling color on a brilliant drop pendant and matching earrings surrounded by rhinestones.

Intro Price $12.99 will be $19.99 Shop Now.

Fall Into Color Chandelier Earrings

Fall Into Color Chandelier Earrings

Cascades of color. Available in Amethyst, Aqua and Topaz.

Intro Special $5.99 each pair will be $14.99 Shop Now.

Double Luxe Loop Earrings

Double Luxe Loop Earrings

When you want a lot of shine. Goldtone and Silvertone. Intro Special $5.99 each pair will be $14.99 Shop Now.

Paxton Wrap Watch

Paxton Wrap Watch

The clock is ticking! Get the Paxton Wrap Watch before they’re gone! This effortless take on the popular wrap watch will surely get you everywhere on time and in style.

Available in Black and Beige. Intro Special $19.99 will be $29.99 Shop Now.

Memorable Moments Pendant Necklace

Memorable Moments Pendant Necklace

Bring meaning to your necklace! The Memorable Moments Pendant Necklace is the perfect meaningful silvertone necklace for you or someone you love. Intro Special $9.99 will be $19.99 Shop Now.

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