Free Avon Samples

Shop with me to receive Free Avon Samples by mail.

Admit it.. you have totally shopped at Sam’s Club/Costco around lunch time just so you you could feast on all the free samples. It’s ok. We all have. (If you haven’t… then you should totally get on that. I mean, free food.. amiright?)

If you are looking to change up your lip color…

If you are looking to try a new skin care regimen (or get started with one)…

If you are looking to discover your new signature fragrance…

Or if you just love miniature versions of products.

I would love to send EVERYONE free Avon Samples by mail. It pains me to say this BUT I can only send samples to US Residents who have placed an order online with me at this time.

Just place an order online with me and be on the lookout for free samples in the mail.

I’ll be sending out free samples starting with orders placed in the previous campaign.